AUDERE LAB LTD is a British accessories company founded in late 2015. Made in italy is our key, in fact our knowledge and experience is coming from a small town in Italy, Vicenza, where our labs are located. We have created a entirely unique style. Our handcrafted jewelry are known for their elegance, avantgarde and integrity. The basic idea that supports our creations is to offer particular products, thanks to which an entirely personal relationship is created between the object and the user that justifies the choice and confers true meaning to the use of the product. 

We are now collaborating with multi brand boutiques in London. In the not too distant future we hope to be able to expande our market and open Audere mono brand boutique. 




When design meets fashion, dictate by young eye, where the limits are not very defined and the filrouge is 'dare', the brand audere puts its own roots. 'Memento audere semper': remember always to dare: tie the concept of micro architecture to the jewel, where the common fashion accesories becomes a real design object, that for standing out need to be worn. Nowadays, the relationship between jewel and owner has become more personal, nearly intimate. Audere intensly drives its challenge and believes that between those pure shapes and the person who chooses the jewel, it may possibly start a process of mutual recognition, empathy and desire, beyond superstructures, calculated evauluations or imposed fashions.


Thank you for reading about Audere.